Margaret Josephs: Welcome back. Our next guests have provided a much needed dose of reality to thousands of online daters across the country. The MTV phenomenon, “Catfish”, gives us a glimpse into the moment where people find out that the person they’re seeing may not be who they seem. Joining us now are the hosts of “Catfish”, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

Justine Santaniello: You guys have been doing “Catfish” for so long, does it ever stop shocking you? Do you guys ever feel desensitized at all, or does it still have that shock value?

Nev Schulman: This last season and the stories that we’re seeing, and the people and the situations they’re in, and the fact that we’re doing it now differently and remotely and finding new challenges in that has definitely really re-sparked my excitement to make the show. Um, because A: we’re doi-the fact that we’re able to still be helping people right now is really wonderful.

Margaret: I mean what has the adjustment been like doing the show during covid?

Kamie Crawford: I think one of the biggest things is, you know, the excuses that have now evolved from like, “oh my car broke down,” or, you know, different-different crazy things that people come up with, you know, “I was in the hospital,” all this stuff. To now, you know, “I’m actually an EMT and I work late,” or, you know I-I, “my mom has covid so I can’t come and visit you,” i-it’s becoming ingrained into the storyline that people are creating and most of the times we’re falling-finding out that it’s actually not true.

Justine: Are you guys always rooting for the people involved? Are you hoping that they move on with their lives, or that they ultimately end up together?

Nev: I-It’s really case by case, and-and sometimes you feel like, “oh you guys are perfect for each other, just past this,” you know, “even though they don’t look how they said they did you-you’ve had this connection and maybe there’s an opportunity here for something,” but obviously the betrayal and the lack of trust moving forward generally doesn’t make that possible, so it’s tricky it never-never really goes the way we expect.

Margaret: I need to ask though, has there been a standout episode for you?

Nev: The Thailand one right? I mean-

Kamie: Oh-Oh yeah, but we haven’t even gotten that one edited. They’re so-they’re it-there’s a lot-

Nev: But that’s what’s also cool about-

Kamie: It’s crazy.

Nev: -this season is now that we’re doing it all remotely we can do episodes with people anywhere in the world, so it sort of opened the door for-for “Catfish” to really go global.

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