Justine Santaniello: Well, speaking of tea, word on the street is that the newest franchise of Real Housewives, Salt Lake City, is causing quite the stir. So we are so happy to have Heather Gay, an instant fan favorite of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, here with us. Welcome Heather!

Heather Gay: Thank you! Hi! I’m so happy to be here.

Chance Spiessbach: Heather you are on this amazing journey of self-discovery, and we’re all sitting there watching it, but there’s got to be something to it where there’s cameras in front of you, and not just that, behind those cameras there’s – what Justine – 2 thousand people or 2 million people watching? I mean, come on, that has to have some sort of huge effect on you. What is that like?

Heather: It’s interesting, because when you’re kind of like starting to redefine yourself I think having cameras there forces you to be really honest, and it forces you – you know, you know this is on record forever, so say what you mean and be willing to back it up. You know, so it-it forced me to really-um-get really real.

Chance: Yes, definitely.

Justine: Yeah, I mean I can only imagine. Now, you married into mormon royalty basically, and then later divorced. Now, you say that you still consider yourself “mormon-ish”, so what has the feedback been like from the fans on that, and also just how honest you are in general?

Heather: Well, the feedback from the fans has been great. I mean, the Bravo universe, the housewife fan club is international and fierce, and smart, and funny and they have been incredible, and they don’t think about religion I don’t think as much as I do. And they don’t define themselves by their religion as much as I do, so I think at first that was just like: stop jamming the mormon down our throats, and the problem is morman has been, you know, for lack of a better phrase, jammed down my throat since birth, so for me to disentangle from that I have to, and you know, I’m here to talk about that. There’s no way to talk about it, about myself, without talking about the religion aspect, so I think the fans are curious but they’re also more curious why it’s such a big deal.

Chance: Quick question-um-there is a divide forming on the set with the cast. I’d say, you know, almost a parting of the seas kind of thing. How is that going to progress in the future? What’s happening with the relationships with the cast?

Heather: It’s so difficult because what a group of women who are normally luncheon friends, you know, that don’t have these intense conflicts because we have never really gotten that deep with each other, and now we’re, you know, we’re navigating our relationships and we’re doing it on television and there’s not a lot of latitude for things, you know, that you could get away with maybe in normal life, and I think that there’s a lot of love and mutual respect and admiration for me at least with everyone, and a genuine desire to, you know, get past the surface and just be true friends. Have conflict, of course, but trust in-trust each other and be true friends, and so I think-I hope that is where everyone is at. I sense that a lot of us are, but it-you know-it’s a rocky road to navigate adult female relationships. That’s why housewives is a show. You know? It doesn’t matter how crazy or how sane you are, it’s just complicated.

Justine: I mean, that’s for sure. Especially in this situation. Now, listen I’m a huge housewives fan and I have to say: you are an inspiration I think in the fact that you balance being a business owner of a legit, thriving business, and also being a mom, so what advice do you have for women, you know, like me watching at home who aspire to do what you’re doing?

Heather: Well, my advice first off is don’t compare yourself, because a lot of businesses are born out of privilege, you know, because you have the ability to make entrepreneurial decisions that might not be financially secure because you aren’t-no-you know what I mean? You’re not expected to put food on the table, so get your priorities straight and give yourself a break if you have entrepreneurial aspirations. And then the second thing I would say is believe in what you’re doing and just do it consistently. Because if you believe in it and you do it consistently and you do it of good faith and good heart people are either going to respond to it or not. And if they respond to it you have a business! And you just build it from there. That’s my pep talk!

Justine: No I love it! That’s great advice, thank you so much for being here with us Heather!

Chance: Thank you Heather!

Justine: This was so exciting. We have loved watching your season, so thank you for being here.

Chance: Don’t change.

Heather: Thank you guys, thanks for having me. Love New York!

Justine: Woo! Alright guys, next up lifestyle expert Bahar Takhtehchian is here to share some of her favorite new products to help make your life better. What have you got for us Bahar?

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