Justine Santaniello: Alright, all of my fellow Bravo fans: you already know that this season of “Summer House” is unlike any other. The group is ‘quaran-teaming’ in the Hamptons, so we get to see everybody tackle busy work schedules, tumultuous relationships, at epic parties of course, all under one roof 24/7. Joining us now are two of the show’s stars, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo. Welcome ladies!

Paige DeSorbo: Thank you for having us.

Hannah Berner: We’re so excited.

Justine: So I want to know, what was it like filming this season in quarantine without that typical personal space that you guys used to get in the past seasons?

Paige: It’s crazy cause you definitely learn so much more about people when you’re living with them and of course we have, like, friendship fights about bigger things but there’s like small things that you learn about people and you’re just like, “I don’t like the way you hold your fork and it’s a problem for me”.

Hannah: So my thing is, what I would do previous summers is would like party, and then I’d go back to my apartment, call my mom, see my mom, talk things through, make mature decisions…

Paige: Some people have emotional support animals: we call our moms at 28 and 29.

Hannah: Like-like four times a day, and I think not being able to leave and just like talk to your family, or just like be alone with my cats, sometimes I think the emotions really built up and like people were reactive, and you see people just raw. Like we just-there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, and I think you definitely get all spectrum of emotions from me this summer.

Justine: So we all know that the show is insanely popular with fans, but I really want to know have you guys had any ‘pinch me moments’ of celebrities or anyone special reaching out to you?

Paige: Um, I don’t-obviously you guys know Jamie Lynn Sigler from “The Sopranos” and “Entourage”. I had someone reach out to me and ask me to make her a cameo video for her birthday, and I was like wait-wait-wait.

Hannah: I think also the weirdest thing is we’re Brav-we are Bravo fans.

Paige: Yeah.

Hannah: Like we grew up loving Bravo, “Millionaire Matchmaker”, “Vanderpump Rules”, so I will like be watching a show and like go look at someone on Instagram and it says like they already follow me, and it’s so weird.

Paige: Yeah.

Hannah: Like someone on Bravo is following me like I still get goosebumps when like-like Luanne for example like and I are like friends and I’m like that’s insane! Like I should not be under the-

Paige: Yeah. No, it’s insane. It’s insane. Yeah we definitely get very starstruck when we’re around other Bravo people.

Justine: Now you are both showing people out there that you can really do what you want to do, if you love what you do. Now you guys were working nine-to-fives before the show. How have your goals changed?

Hannah: Things changed for me, not to get deep, but like when my goal was literally like I want to wake up and feel at peace with myself and be happy, and like once that was my goal, not to like make a certain amount of money, or like meet a certain person, things started to fall in line because I was thinking really clearly. I told myself at 26 I like quit my-my marketing job when I was like I want to be on video, and like at-at like 25 and in two years I’m on a TV show, so it’s like really just focus on what you want to do, and like what Paige said if you’re naturally really passionate about something you’re going to be so good at it!

Paige: I think in terms of career, I would love to have a fashion line at some point, but things just happen and I realized like as you do get older to not, you know, get such anxiety about your career and like wanting things to happen. Like whatevers meant for you will happen and just like working at it every single day, like, and obviously goals change too. You know like I know Hannah and I both like want to have families one day, and like that’ll all fall into place so.

Justine: Girls, thank you so much. This was so much fun. Thank you so much for being with us on the show

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