Justine Santaniello: You probably know our next guest. Emmy award winning journalist and TV personality, Shaun Robinson, as the host of the outrageously popular “90 Day Fiancé” franchise reunions. She now hosts the new series, “90 Day Bears All”, on Discovery Plus. She’s here now to tell us all about it. Welcome Shaun!

Shaun Robinson: Hi Justine!

Chance Spiessbach: What’s it like really getting to dive in and tell these juicy, juicy pieces of gossip to the rabid fans? I mean you must be like Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus.

Shaun: You know this is a show that’s seen in 168 countries and territories, so we have this worldwide audience, uh, we’ve got these great spin-off shows, um but sometimes, oftentimes, there are things that we can’t even show on regular TV, and so with now with “90 Day Bears All” we can show you content that you haven’t seen before.

Justine: So what has the reaction been like from the fans now that you get to give them everything they want? This all-in, uncensored territory type content.

Shaun: Well you know the fans have been loving “Bears All”. For example, Tarik and Dean, um they were huge on “Pillow Talk”. Fans love them, but the brothers just like disappeared. Nobody knew what happened and none of the brothers addressed it, and this was the first time that they were able to confront each other, talk about and argue about the issues that they had. There is Brittany and Yazan. A lot of people were wondering, “how is this relationship going to work?” and we find out it didn’t. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you look at it.

Chase: Okay, so when you’re hosting these reunions and you have all the couples there, I mean there is just a level of tension you just sense. Even-even sitting at home, you know, having my soda I go, “woah she is some kind of lion tamer at the circus”. I mean it’s-when these episode reunions are taking place is it that intense on the set?

Shaun: So, with the tell-all reunion shows you get to see parts of these couples-their relationship. Sometimes, you know, you see them in very-very candid moments, and you know some of them I’ve become very close to and others I’m like, “oh I’m glad that relationship did not work out”.

Justine: How has “90 Day Bears All” been different for you as a host?

Shaun: You know at the-at the heart of it all I-you know-I really consider myself, uh, just a person who loves to delve into stories. What is a person’s story? What-you know-what makes them, uh, you know what makes them tick? What makes-makes them unique? And so I-this is, uh, this is just, you know, part of what I do and it’s really interesting, um, what-what I love about doing this show is because it speaks to-speaks to the universal theme of wanting to be loved. Everybody just wants to be loved. Everybody wants to have somebody to care for them.

Chase: We all know about how passionate you are with issues surrounding girls’ self-esteem, and now more than ever with social media and the-the difficulty of growing up. Can you tell us about your foundation?

Shaun: A few years ago I started the Shaun Foundation for Girls. We help organizations, small non-profits, that do work in five key areas of girl’s issues. My parents and grandparents always told me if god gives you a platform, use it to give back, and so that’s what I’m doing.

Justine: Thank you for being with us Shaun. “90 Day Bears All” is streaming now on Discovery Plus.

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