Justine Santaniello: Hey everybody, and welcome to Lifestyle Today! I’m Justine Santaniello. Now I’m sure all of my fellow east coasters out there are elated to finally be in March. Spring is right around the corner and hopefully that means some warmer weather. Now, I don’t know about you guys but 2021 for me honestly has basically just been an extension of 2020 so far, but we’re hanging in there. And our jobs here at “Lifestyle Today” is to bring you guys great content to keep you going and keep you motivated, and most importantly, we want to keep your spirits up. Now speaking of spirits, I’m so excited to welcome our first guest of the show. Now you know her from a mile away thanks to her iconic hair and Long Island accent. Little bit like mine, sneaks out here and there. Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium herself, is here to chat with us about the new season of her show and her new podcast, “Hey Spirit”. Hello Theresa! Thank you so much for being with us!

Theresa Caputo: Aw well thank you for having me. It’s an honor.

Justine: Alright Theresa, I am such a fan of yours. I have been watching the show forever as I’m sure many of our viewers have been, so I want to dive right into the podcast. I want to hear from you, how has that been different from doing your TV show?

Theresa: It really was I-I think it kind of gives people like a different glimpse of me as Theresa, than um-I mean look I will always be the Long Island Medium, but um it just kind of gives people a different aspect in a way. But Long Island Medium is my-um-my love and I-I it’s just such an honor that even after ten years that we’re still on-uh-TV and now on a new streaming service-uh-to boot but-um-to still be able to have my gift, share it with people through television is still such a blessing.

Justine: Now I’m sure that you get this question a lot, but I want to know how has the pandemic affected you using your gift now that your sessions are all virtual rather than in person?

Theresa: So in the beginning it’s a little odd, it’s like okay I meet this person on a computer, but then honestly once I start reading it doesn’t matter and you’ll see-uh-Long Island Medium this season of how the only thing that has changed is that it’s over Zoom. The emotion is still there, the messages are still there and it’s amazing on how you can feel it through a computer.

Justine: So what can you tell us then about what it’s like for you being a messenger? Tell us more about it.

Theresa: Well I think I’ve learned-um-I kind of put my gift in-um-spirit’s hands, and you know like this is you have to make me feel and show me what it is that they need to hear. I always say this really has nothing to do with me. Spirit just uses my physical body to validate that there is more to life than this, and more importantly that our souls of our departed loved ones are still with us. That the things that we sense and feel are real, we’re not crazy, it is them letting us know that they are with us.

Justine: So for those of us who are looking for signs from loved ones that we’ve lost. What is it that we should even be looking for?

Theresa: So this is what I say to people: I have the ability to connect with everyone’s loved ones, but I believe a soul bond is something that can never, and will never, be broken. You have that connection with your departed loved ones, so whether it be if you think you see something go by, if you smell something that reminds you of your loved ones. Basically, anything that you sense, feel or hear that reminds you of your departed loved one know that that is their soul letting you know that they are with you at that exact moment.

Justine: Thank you so much Theresa. This was a delight to say the least. The “Long Island Medium” is streaming now on Discovery+.

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