Justine Santaniello: Our first guest, Leah McSweeney, is no stranger to Bravo fans as the sassy, swaggy, and just downright cool Real Housewife of New York. Leah McSweeney joins us now to talk about her popular fashion business and, of course, the new “Real Housewives of New York” season that’s coming up on May 4th. Hey Leah!

Leah McSweeney: Hi! How are you?

Justine: We are so excited! I have so many jealous friends out there today that I’m talking to you, so winning! Alright so, I’m just going to jump right into everything. Now, Leah, you came on the scene last year as we know really with a bang, and we lived for it. I lived for it. Now, I want to know, what is it really like going toe-to-toe with all of these OG housewives?

Leah: It is very challenging. These women have very strong personalities, but also I learn about myself through them, and through this whole process actually. If you let it be a learning experience, it can be. Like I really think you can kind of, you know, make yourself, I don’t know, a better person in a way. Cause the more you know about yourself, the better you can be.

Justine: Okay so, I of course have to ask, what can we expect from this coming season? I know you can’t tell us everything, but can you spill just a little bit of that tea?

Leah: Okay I’ll tell a little bit-a little bit of the tea for you. We filmed during what is, quite possibly, the wildest year that any of us will ever have to live through, okay? And it doesn’t go unnoticed on the show. You know there are topics that we cover that I don’t think have been covered on the show before. At the same time, we’re still up to our old tricks, we’re still acting crazy, we’re still having fun, we’re still catfighting sometimes. I think there’s a nice juxtaposition of getting deep and having fun. And even with our differences of opinions, experiences and views we are able to come together and still have a bond at the end and I hope, I pray that that is something that will maybe wear off, or rub off, on other people.

Justine: Yeah I mean, let’s hope so. So, you have always been super honest with basically everything in your life, right? Your relationship with your mother, your struggles with alcohol, your relationship with your ex, I mean you’ve really been super honest with all of us. Have you had any regrets at all being so open with everybody?

Leah: It’s actually a really interesting question. No I don’t have any regrets, I don’t. You know, it’s like I guess it’s almost like a protection measure. Like, “hey if I just put it all out there then nothing bad can happen,” because if you, you know-if you-if you know everything about me and you don’t like me, what can I do about it? This is who I am.

Justine: No, that-I mean-that’s a really good point. And just one last little question for me since I have literally been watching “(the) Real Housewives of New York” since day one, and have rewatched it, I don’t know, 100 times, out of the OGs which one do you actually really like?

Leah: Oh my god, this is what everyone I meet asks me this! It’s so funny they’re like, “who do you actually like though?” I have to tell you that I-I love each and every one of them. Each and every one of them has their own-these are women who, you what what, they-they’re-they do what they want, they think how they want, they act how they want and I have to respect that.

Justine: Yeah! No, that’s a pretty good point. Hence why they’re OGs and they’re-they’re still here.

Leah: Exactly.

Justine: Amazing. Well Leah, thank you so so much for being us. We are so excited for the new season and everything else you have going on. Thank you.

Leah: Thanks for having me.

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